IMG_1671I swear to god I brushed my teeth… but my sugars are 300+ so I could basically drink straight mouth wash and I would still be able to taste the glucose. Btw, I did not get to have fun getting to this point, there was no candy, or juice, or cookies (my downfall)… I didn’t pack enough snacks, if you know me, this is a ridiculous statment… I always have a grocery store’s worth of snacks with me, the way my blood sugar has been I’ve just been going through them, one correction followed by the next, one way or the other… trying not to over correct and fishtail or ping-pong or whatever you want to call those nausea making dips and spikes between low lows and high highs. And just a back burner thought… I’m going to be awake forever after all this caffeine… time to switch to decaf #fml #fuckdiabetes