So I’m living at home so that I have more support in getting better/staying well… this is a recent update… it has been interesting.
I’ve come to the conclusion that my dad is a great parent to an adult, and my mom is a great parent to a kid, and at this point I need both.
I wrote about eating a dairy queen strawberry blizzard… my dad was with me, in fact he bought it for me, and said nothing, not “are you sure about that?” or “I don’t think that’s a great idea. where are your sugars?” nothing at all. I made my own stupid decision all by myself. Then when I fell asleep/passed out in the car with 400+ blood sugar he woke me up to makes sure that I was okay, but not once said anything like “you shouldn’t have eaten all that” — just making sure that I was okay and if I needed him to do anything… amazing support, allowing me to make ridiculously stupid decisions for myself and suffer the stupid ridiculous consequences myself.
My mom on the other hand will steal the cookies right out of my hand… and is immediately ready with the “should you really be eating that?” comments, she’ll admit that she’s still learning about what I can/shouldn’t be eating, but she’s not stupid, and trying to explain why it’s okay that I can have six cookies hasn’t yet been successful… I’m a shit liar, and she’s not an idiot. She finds me in the house when I haven’t bothered to do anything about a 70 and dropping low, she is the outside version of the objective voice in my head that gets fogged out when my sugar gets that low.
I need both of these view points, these people as part of my support system, it is funny to really see the difference in the ways that they support me. very lovely.