IMG_1189there are words I never thought I would say. hiking the Zion Narrows in Utah with a friend (same trip where I had to tape the crap out of my Dexcom to stay on), we were taking pictures of each other in this mini cave on the side of a mountain, I turn to my right side and asked to make sure that I had a picture where you could see the pod placed on my right arm… I am proud that I’m attempting and able to do these active things despite all the extra planning needed to accommodate diabetes. My backpack was a bit heavy with the extra food, juice, and diabetic accessories, my friend offered to take a few things for me… I declined, I want to know what the full weight of enough water and gear is — if I need help a mile or two into the trail I’ll ask for it, but my goal is to be able to carry everything that I need for myself by myself — I will always have to carry those things while hiking, so I might as well adjust to it rather than fighting it… and you know what, it was okay… and drinking water with the added benefit of it making your pack lighter is great incentive to keep hydrated 😉