IMG_1223So I’m in the middle of Zion National Park, walking through a river up through the narrows… it’s amazing and beautiful, and I’m soaked, it’s warm enough, I decide to take off my shirt, it’s cotton (not my best planning) — what do I discover when I take off my shirt? my dexcom sensor is barely hanging on… I have a few reactions — 1) just rip it off  OR 2) I need it to stay on, but then what if it falls off with the transmitter… thankfully I had a first aid kit with me (one of those prepackaged ones because I felt like I was testing fate if I didn’t have at least a small first aid kit with me, but never really looked at what was inside of it). So I open the kit to find some first aid tape and quadruple the tape all the way around the sensor. So my next thought is that I need to leave it as untouched as possible. I’m already not wearing a shirt, so that works… until I realize that now I am walking around in a national park with a mcguyvered dexcom sensor on my stomach and an OmniPod on my arm… so I guess I’m an out and proud diabetic, and I definitely did get some looks, but you know what? I didn’t give a flying fuck. The hike was tough and I dropped at one point, but I was prepared, I drank A LOT of water, and I had a great time. I fell a few times, maybe more than a few times, especially on the way back, I have a wicked bruise on my knee and two rubs on my feet from the hiking sandals, that will of course take forever to heal, but I am very excited to have completed that hike — it was beautiful, and it gave me notes for how to best attempt my next hikes, and get stronger, and do more stuff and more stuff and more stuff and fuck diabetes. fin.