DQ Strawberry Blizzard

coma in a cup? Maybe…

So I was driving across the country, and we stop for a bathroom break… there’s a Dairy Queen… I love strawberry blizzards… I love everything strawberry ice cream. I think to myself “Is it worth it?” the pre-blizzard answer: YES! — then of course if I’m doing that I need chicken tenders too, because I love chicken tenders, they are my go-to fast food food. Still the answer is YES! As I’m eating my chicken fingers with my strawberry blizzard, it occurs to me to test… and look up exactly how many carbs I’m actually eating… roughly 100g of carbs… so that’s not the best idea, but I’m already eating them, so I might as well finish. oh yeah, and my blood sugar is already 300 and I haven’t been able to bring it under 200 for the past 5 days, while running temp basal rates 30-50% above… so then all of a sudden I think (more rationally) that this is a REALLY BAD IDEA… but at this point, even though now my answer to “is it worth it?”: NO. I’ve already eaten the food and I’m just waiting for the impending doom of 400+ numbers, coma/nap, and the guilt of having caused all of this myself, and then the reverse guilt of “fuck this, I love strawberry ice cream and chicken tenders… who the fuck cares, fuck diabetes”

so really, is it worth it? … maybe.