I said I would never switch to a tubed pump, I stand by that, but for now I’m going to build, test, and possibly wear the artificial pancreas, which is uses a medtronic mini med pump… which is a tubed pump. Bring it on. All the parts have shipped, hopefully to be here by the weekend. I’m feeling confident enough in my basic development skills now to build the artificial pancreas based on the open source docs available. I am so excited to start this project. Night Scout and dex drip were so fun to build, and ground breaking in their own ways, but this could will be life changing. I’ve had terrible lows the last few nights, no sleep for me, worried parents, chronically under 60, too exhausted and grumpy to get up to fix it, playing with fire and a big gamble with my life, I know that might sound dramatic (and let’s be real it is), but really, I’ve heard of people having seizures and not being able to talk under 50… I’m under 50 at least a few times a week, if not once a day… the last few days more than once a day. this is no good, the artificial pancreas should fix that… we’ll see, this will be amazing.