HoldPantsStep 1. Hold Pants

*no joke, this is actually a thing on the internet, check it out

This might be an odd way of explaining this, but diabetes has fundamentally changed the way I get dressed and undressed every single day. I realized this when I went to change pants and I realized that instead of just pulling my pants off one leg at a time I used both hands to lift the waistband equally over my quads… weird right? nope. if you had something taped to the front of one of your legs all the time you wouldn’t want to randomly rip it off either. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s different, diabetes has changed my behavior in a fundamental way that does not directly have to do with eating or working out or doctors appointments or anything that diabetes officially “touches.” I even found myself worrying lately that my pods were going to leave permanaent wear marks in my jeans/slacks like the least cool version of a skoal ring (dip is bad for you don’t do it). So now not only diabetes is ruining everything else, changing my pants-putting-on-techniques, but it is actually ruining my pants themselves. Seriously?! What kind of fucking disease ruins pants (*technically it would be the pods, and I later assessed that the stretching wasn’t as bad as I had initially thought… #t1dDrama)… but seriously, actual pants are clearly out of the reach/perview of diabetes… it’s a disease, these are pants. Spoiler, and this seriously just popped into my head… diabetes touches everything, even the things you think are totally unrelated, random, or sacred, repeitive, or one-off, every single part of my life is affected by this day-to-day bullshit. Even fucking pants. fuck that.