I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe. First off, I’m living in MD… in my parent’s house… let’s just pause and digest that one for a minute. no seriously. in my parent’s house… when I left for college I swore I would never come home… that person, the person that ran to CA, to USC… and let’s be real, away from home… that person doesn’t exist any more. In fact, there have been a few iterations of Sophie since then, but I’ve landed on this new one for the moment… I’m sure there will be more iterations, I hope there will be, I never want to stop growing, changing, evolving, but this stage is kind of awkward… I would like to move onto the next stage already… the one where I feel healthy, know how to eat and exercise, and live, as freely as I possibly can from this bullshit disease that has me ever dependent upon manufactured insulin. bullshit. fuck. pisser. god dammit. fuck.