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So I got over my pride of “I don’t need this” and “I should know how to do this” and decided to build a night scout rig… even though there is no way in hell I am letting my parents monitor my numbers from across the country (perks of a late diagnosis), I could transmit to see my numbers from my primary phone so I don’t have to pull the dexcom out of my briefcase all the time… I think it’s over kill for me, but I want to understand how it works, it is ridiculous that this doesn’t exist already… I am learning more about it so I can be part of the solution.

Progress: I have the db end all setup (great directions!) — ordered the right OTC cable (plus a spare) from amazon… Best Buy was even less helpful than I expected them to be… then neither of the android phones I have seemed to work (one that I bought for the project and one that I had laying around), so I bought a Samsung Galaxy 3 that has been proven to work according to the Night Scout documentation — it arrived today, it’s charging now, so I’m hoping to get a working rig together tonight…


@NightscoutProj #WeAreNotWaiting