I’ll start with just saying how grateful I am for my OpenAPS… but I am deep in alarm fatigue. I got maybe 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, alerts that were warranted, and ones I didn’t quickly “acknowledge” so they kept going off — while I know that I want my OpenAPS to work, I am so tired of the alerts. I know how to enable and disable them, so for the moment all pushover alerts are off. I’m back to just the Dexcom alerts, which is hilarious in itself because I used to feel like I was getting alert fatigue from just the Dexcom alerts… how my future self must have been laughing at me. I have been struggling big time lately. I had such a big victory getting my A1c down to 7.3 from 8.9 in my first 90 days with OpenAPS and I feel like I’ve done nothing but struggle ever since. That’s what started me working with the pushover alerts in the first place. In the beginning I liked reading the logs on my computer at work, at home, on my phone, but now that I trust the system (that I built btw…), I just want it to work… I want to reclaim the daily brain power that it’s taking to maintain this system… or I want golden numbers… this seems like an impossible ask. Do I get to have a life, or do I get to have “perfect” numbers… I don’t think I could truly be happy with either solution alone. I’m feeling a bit melancholy, but it could just be exhaustion… hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight… and not lose control of my numbers without the pushover alerts… wish me luck, and sweet dreams