to be totally honest it’s not been a great emotional diabetes week, but this morning I looked at Dexcom Clarity just because I still had the tab open from the other day… and my estimated A1C over the last two weeks is 7.7 down from the last estimate of 7.9 (I know it’s not perfect and this is probably within the margin of error, but it makes me happy so I’m keeping it). I┬áhave also brought my average BG down 8 points to 174 which again, isn’t huge, but it’s progress and after the last couple months of what has felt like constant basal rate adjustments and struggling to concentrate in class through ridiculous spikes, hopefully that’s behind me. I’m incorporating more exercise, or at least more movement, in my daily/weekly schedule and trying to be proactive in mitigating lows… overall, I’m declaring a tentative win for the last two weeks… go me!