life with type 1 diabetes

In my thirties… not in the good way

It feels like a year ago already, but last week I sat down on my couch and felt a bit weird, I’ve had trouble feeling my lows lately, so I thought I’d be super proactive and test, even though my Dexcom said that I was fine … 38. That was not a typo. 38. That is the third time I’ve been in the 30s in as many weeks… #notgood. So I immediately get up to get juice, gummies, pretzels, almond butter… pretty much everything from my kitchen – at which point, standing up I all of a sudden felt everything… dizzy, getting hotter, couldn’t remember why I had stood up… “oh yeah… juice, right, yes, that.” I somehow figure out/decide on what I want out of my kitchen – it seems that the lower my blood sugar is the longer it takes me to decide what kind of juice I want, and whether it’s cold enough, and if I want it in the box or in a cup… why does any of that matter when I’m about to pass out you might ask… I’ll let you know when I figure it out… — so I make it back to my couch, at which point I do something radical, I reached out for help… I text 3 friends, one to talk to, one to be dia-honest with, and one to save my ass… and each one responded and was there for me in their own way… I made it through, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, but it took almost an hour before I was in normal range, and it hammered home the point I had almost already accepted… I need help. Like real help. What I’m doing right now isn’t working. And pretending that it is working is starting to get dangerous.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Sophie! Just reading your comments and wanted to touch base with you and let you know we are here. Is there anything we can do for you? Please in the meantime be good to YOU! 🙂