I should probably write about my progress with xDrip… which has been tough, but productive, or how I’m doing with diabetes, bad… but instead I want to talk to you about something wonderful… I’ve been finding pennies everywhere… I had a hunch that my grandfather had something to do with it (yes, I’m about to get all woo woo with this, if you’re not down go read something else)… just confirmed with my mom that I was not making stuff up in my memory, that Tuck (as we called my grandfather) did in fact collect coins from all his travels… I’m talking about spooky, ridiculous, frequent penny finding… I have a thought, I see a penny… holy shit, that thought has just been validated… maybe I’m nuts, but I have a lot of shit going on right now and whether or not I’m making this up in my head I don’t care because it’s helping me… so Tuck, if you’re listening, thanks — keep ’em coming, I need the support. I love you. that is all.