you know how when I barely passed “Intro to EE for non-majors” and said that I would never use physics, or circuits, or electric engineering ever again… yeah… #neversaynever

So I took a look at the xDrip specs and basic requirements… my assessment: do-able, but including material/knowledge I haven’t touched in awhile…but when I was learning it last time I didn’t have a reason to care… so here we go.  I’ve ordered all the components, a bunch from Adafruit (great company — check them out @adafruit), along with a basic soldering kit, it seemed the better option than putting one together myself, having not done anything with circuits since before I could drive… maybe in college, but let’s be real, who remembers anything from Thursday night 8pm labs… all I was trying to do was get it done and get out with my friends, haha. So back to the books for me 🙂

Turns out parts for these types of projects aren’t as available on amazon prime as my usual projects, so although I’m rearing to go, it might be a few weeks until all the parts are in… I guess that gives me time to study the plans and brush up on my physics/EE. This is getting real… bring it on diabetes, you’re going down. Back to learning… this shit is so fun!

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