Getting your Dexcom numbers off of your device and into a format that allows you to see what’s really going on.┬áLet’s be real… the Dexcom reporting sucks. (hence my search for alternatives)

The idea of Diasense is great. I love that I can pull in my UP24 data alongside my Dexcom and OmniPod Data, but the reports are horrendous.

Let me add a caveat to explain that I am 100% biased against bad reporting because data is what I do for work… in fact this is also what I do for fun. I understand that this is not the norm… but I also know the power of being able to access your data, not only to see the literal picture of what is happening, but also being able to drill down into the data to find insights that are not accessible by just looking at my Dexcom screen each day.

Here’s the process I’ve decided to follow — I’m going to hack the data of my individual devices (Dexcom, OmniPod, UP24), then I am going to find the best way to integrate them into a single data set and use any and all tools at my disposal to process and visualize that data. That is phase 1, phase 2 is to figure out how to do it better… did I also mention that I’m an Industrial and Systems Engineer?… Process Improvement is my jam. Looking at the process that I followed in Phase 1, I will determine how to make it a more efficient repeatable process, and what interval I will be able to feasibly update the reporting. Then, as all good process engineers would agree… I will do it again… learn from the previous process and try to make it even better.

In the meanwhile, I am also tracking the status of
as they all look like promising technologies.

I am also looking at possible integration of the following tools into my initial patchwork system.
Sugar Sync
Calorie King

this is theoretically not all that complicated… I have numbers, I want to see them… why is this so fucking difficult…