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cherishing sensor free time…

pigs-fly.517.416.sI know that I’m not supposed to do this… but I just feel free. I took my dexcom off last night. and I felt like going to bed. I didn’t want to jarred awake two hours later, so I made sure my numbers were alright, and I went to bed with no sensor on, I feel free. I can soap up in the shower without worrying about bumping it and messing up the adhesive. My dog can jump in my lap and I don’t have to worry about where her paws are landing. I just feel better, natural, the way I’m supposed to be. I can’t convince my self to put it back on… I keep thinking “do I really have time right now? what will I be doing in two hours? will it work? no… I’ll do it later.” and it keeps getting pushed off. rebellious teenager or tired diabetic… maybe a bit of both. I have to replace my ominpod tonight too, so maybe I’ll just do them at the same time… you know what that means though… I could have total device free time… I told myself I wouldn’t do this… but I’m so excited… I know it will just be for a few minutes (as long as I behave), but I am so excited to be device free even if it’s for such a short time… I know it’s not a good idea. Lunch is hitting me right now, and I really wish I could just know where I’m at — I’m so used to having the dexcom. even though I hate my devices, they are so damn helpful. oh well… we’ll see what happens… maybe I’ll be responsible, I mean eventually pigs will fly, right?

Dexcom doesn’t make alarm clocks…

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.15.34 AMSo… I woke up late this morning. Apparently I turned my alarm off, both of them… in additional to my conventional alarms, I also ignored my CGM… for 4 hours… that’s right… from roughly 3:30am to 7:30am I was “in the red” and I just kept “snoozing” my Dexcom. This is not the first time this has happened, and yes, I am precisely aware of how bad this is. I have written about how scared I am about going low and dying and no one knowing because I live alone. The CGM was supposed to help all of that by warning me when I’m low and helping me fix it before it was a problem… not condition me to ignore yet another alarm. I cannot believe that I am being so callous with my own health. I know better than this. Full disclosure, this is not the first time I have done this. Second disclosure, the only reason this morning made me really mad is because I realized I had polluted four hours of sleep when I could have just gotten up, had a juice box, and then not been woken up by the CGM alarm every twenty minutes for the rest of the morning. Also, oversleeping my other alarms, because I was exhausted from “snoozing” the CGM all morning, made me late for the dentist — an appointment I loathe anyway, and then add being late on top of that… #notafan. Worst of all, none of those things are the primary reason that I should be upset about this morning. I am playing with my health. If I do not take the CGM warnings seriously, or at least double check them, I will ignore it one too many times and end up in the hospital (if I’m lucky) or dead (if I’m not lucky). It scares me to write this right now, but I feel like I need to write it in order for me to really hear it from myself. I need to not do this anymore. This is not acceptable. This is not okay. I will do better.

Dear Diabetes, this is really scary


I’ve been delaying finishing this post — I think it’s because I’m in “Low-Denial,” or at least I’m in denial as to how bad my lows have been getting.

I made this graphic after I hit 24 in the middle of the day last week, it was bad, but also a little funny because I was so out of it I ate half a bag on mini doughnuts, which in hindsight is still funny, even despite the ridiculous high that followed… Then I hit 24 again the other night, right as I was getting ready for bed. Thank god I wasn’t asleep already. It was more than scary, it was terrifying. I could not eat fast enough and then my meter kept reading “LOW.” Twenty minutes later, it’s still reading “LOW” — then I really start freaking out… “do I call a friend? no, I’m not waking anyone up at 1am… do I call 911? No, this isn’t a real emergency…is it? No. but is it? probably not. Am I going to die? If not tonight, is this how I’m going to go? What will happen if I die here, by myself? I don’t want to die. Sophie, you’re not dying, drink some god damn sprite.”

I did not die, as I am writing to you now, but I did get the pants scared off of me. Not scared enough to convince me that I need a pump, but scared enough to begrudgingly agree when my doctor brought it up, yet again, during my most recent appointment… more on that later.

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question…

ShakespeareIf shakespeare were diabetic that is what he would ask. I am so confused. When making a decision about whether or not to eat, I find myself consulting my CGM instead of asking myself if I’m hungry. This ends up with late afternoons where I have had just a small breakfast… why do I feel faint? why do I have a headache? why can I not concentrate well? …ummm…. maybe because a kid yogurt and a waffle are not enough to power my brain and body all day. Yeah, maybe that’s it. What’s that you say? I’m low at noon? I have a solution… let’s eat a whole chipotle burrito bowl and some chips and not take any insulin… let’s definitely not treat the low and then wait to normalize and then dose appropriately for the food I’m eating… no, let’s not do that, let’s just eat the whole burrito and then deal with it later. #fantasticplan #not

I’m really having trouble with food lately and it bugs me because I was never that way. I’ve had the occasional “I’m so fat” thoughts, but no more than anyone who lives in a beach city in CA… you would second guess yourself too if you lived in the land of models and beach volleyball players, it’s like a parallel universe… I digress. How for someone so responsible in nearly every aspect of my life, meticulously taking statistics and experimenting with behavioral change to improve my life and habits in other realms of my life — can I mess up/ignore the part of my life that actually comes with built in numbers, statistics and tracking? Maybe I’m tapped out. Maybe I’m in denial. Maybe I’m still angry. Maybe I’m defiant. I think it’s probably a little of all of those. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to motivate myself around taking care of my diabetes… I snooze my CGM like it’s an alarm clock, even though I know (when thinking rationally) that it is an important tool, there to keep me safe, not just be another irritating beeping device in the over populated world of smart devices. But I guess there is the most important contingency, “when thinking rationally.” Not only can I not claim that on a regular basis on my own, add in diabetes, and BiPolar and it’s a rare day that I’m rational all on my own… more days I can talk to myself and come to a rational conclusion, but there are a significant number of days where my sanity could definitely be questioned, let alone my ability to think rationally. So I guess this post ends the way most of my posts have been ending recently… help.

What’s that in my pocket?

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.09.30 PM

First Crossfit with my Dexcom

Yesterday was a BIG day.

It was the first real Crossfit class I’ve been to since I started back working out. And it was my first real workout with the Dexcom. It went really well. It was hard. I’m sore today (which means I’m going to be really sore tomorrow). I didn’t crash, I dropped 80 mg/dL in an hour, but I walked out of there at around 90 mg/dL without having to stop in the middle of my workout. I sipped a gatorade/water mix the whole time and had my monitor somewhere where I could see/hear it most of the time. I also battled my ever present “not a part of” feeling — that thought that everyone in the group didn’t like me and no one wanted to be my friend… I’m so awkward (or at least I feel really awkward), in new situations. I am committing to myself and now to the internet universe that I am going to do something active three days per week. I want to do crossfit M/W/F each week, but I will accept any type of exercise to meet this goal. Also, after ten crossfit sessions, I will buy myself new shoes as a prize. #timidlyhopeful #cautiouslyoptimistic

I’m still working through potential diet plans and workout strategies to support staying active… recap of my findings to be posted soon. Special thanks to @t1dactiveliving for her help finding information.

Wait, I agreed to this?!

Ummm… so I just watched a bunch of the Dexcom G4 tutorial videos… I’m not so sure about this… It really looks like a medical device. I don’t know what I expected, but it was not this. I don’t want to look like I’m just out of the hospital all the time… ugh. I know it’s going to help, but seriously. the information part sounds great, carrying around something else, not so much, having that thing attached to me, also not so much… ugg. The video showing you how to attach the sensor… not cool. all of this is not cool. and scary. but also I need this — my dog can’t call 911. I need to not be waking up (by the grace of god) at 38… I need to know well before that so I can do something about it. This is going to help me do that. I just need to remember that… and avoid watching those videos before I actually need to…

CGM has been approved… here we go…

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.07.48 PM

Beautiful Weather, Bad Day

It’s hard to be mad about anything with Southern California weather. However, today sucks. I’m still reeling from the break up, my numbers have been off (not terrible, but just unstable enough to be really annoying). I’m having to babysit my doctor and the dexcom rep to figure out how to get my approvals through. Switching insurance is a bitch. Don’t do it. Just keep the job you don’t like, it’s totally worth it not to have to deal with all of this. Okay, maybe not, but this sucks. So much paperwork, it’s like another job… I should start putting this shit on my resume… “master insurance paperwork filer – level diabetes”

Then there’s the whole… just hang on until I get the CGM, then everything will be okay/get better. Except now I’m starting to think that I’m putting too much faith in the CGM making a difference and then it’s going to come and it’s not going to fix anything and I’m going to be disappointed and frustrated all over again.

I really just want to take a nap. from life. 

I just took my blood sugar. this shit makes no sense. forget the nap. I want to take a coma from life. it is very unfortunate that I’m sober because I could really use something to take the edge off and help me zone out, away from all this badness. Fuck this. Fuck Diabetes. Fuck Life. I’m so fucking tired right now, but I’m at 89… what the fuck, how does that make any sense. It feels like my brain is shutting down, maybe my brain is quitting like my pancreas did… 6 months ago I couldn’t have told you what a pancreas did… I miss that. I want the before back. Wow, I’m way more upset than I realized. This shit sucks. I know it’s only temporary, but it’s terrible. 

I’m going to take a nap. 

Blood Sugar Pit Stop

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