Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes




Hi, I’m Thacher — I’m a web developer and type 1 diabetic. I am passionate about helping patients to live better, more independent lives. I pursue projects addressing my own health, contributing to open source development, building and support of the patient community. I am a software developer, an engineer and a patient who is not waiting for a solution.

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  1. In posting your nice-terrible WordPress blogsite post of July 26 (hurt ankle rafting) I told my FBk crowd you were “Sophie” since that was what I saw. Sorry. I like being right. I, too, am T1D — since 1963 and nearly 100% still “all there”. Anyway, I loved that post!! I have been there so often (NB: a relative term). Just wanted to check in to let you know your blog helps some people, and amuses those like me! ;–)
    signed, Bill in Philly

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