So eating is a problem again/still — I thought I had made progress, but if I had, it is no more. However, even more interesting, I have discovered eating’s ugly second cousin… dehydration. I get dizzy, lethargic, dry mouth… overall it is not fun, but I’m so used to all of those symptoms from different reasons, that I don’t even notice.  I went to see an integrative medicine doctor — i.e. a treat the whole patient doctor, before anyone goes crazy, I’m not by any means getting rid of my other doctors, I’m just supplementing with someone who sees the value of changes in diet, supplements, etc. Anyway… he talked to me about hydration too, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to drink more water… this is going to sound absurd, but I’ve put my camelbak backpack on the back of my desk chair… I think I might have found the solution… tbd 🙂