Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes

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I found a new way to fuck up my diabetes… guess what I did this time… so I have the bad habit of changing my dexcom later in the evening,… usually just before bed, so 11pm, give or take. This means in order to calibrate it I can either stay up until 1am or go to bed and wake up when it goes off at 1am. I always think that it’ll be fine and I’ll get up… I even left the meter, two test strips and the lance thing out, lined up on my bedside table… nope. #FAIL Instead of entering real numbers, I entered the default 120, twice… not even at the same time. It went something like this…

1am… loud noises… Fucccckkk… Nooooooo(snoozes Dexcom) x 3… okay fine… punches randomly on buttons, “why yes, 120 sounds right, whatever, I’ll fix it in the morning” … 10 minutes later… loud noises… Fucccckkk… Nooooooo(snoozes Dexcom) x 3… okay fine… punches randomly on buttons, “why yes, 120 sounds right, whatever, I’ll fix it in the morning.” At this point, I’ve entered two wrong bs readings (I was definitely running higher than 120), so my dexcom is calibrated… wrong. great.

TestingPostItNot to mention that I have this post-it right under where I keep my diabetes stuff… when I rollover it’s right in my face… it sort of worked the first or second time… So now, all day, my dexcom has been off, leaving me to test just as much, if not more than I did prior to having the dexcom in the first place. fuck me. fuck Diabetes. I just want a day off.


  1. So Dexcom runs off this super mathy algorithm. It takes the numbers you enter and combines them with the numbers it is getting from inside your body to get to the number it displays. The quickest (easiest?) way to reset the algorithm is to “trick” it with the numbers you enter. If you enter them too close to each other (other than the original calibration) then it doesn’t really use both of them. If you can, check your BG and enter the number 3 times, 15 minutes apart each and you should be back on track.

    • Thanks! I knew it was a super complex algorithm, but had no idea how to “reboot” it. That’s really helpful to know, thanks so much 🙂

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