Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes

Diabetes, what’s left… planking?!


Planking credit: Rae #outsidersplanking

Diabetes! seriously, you suck. What exercise can I do without totally fucking up my blood sugar? Planking?! *@!? Walking — good for me. Swimming — good for me. Neither of these things are particularly strenuous… but they make my blood sugar drop. like a rock. then I’m left trying to figure it out, I don’t feel it until it’s too late, I’m already low and still crashing hard, then I get to shake and worry and try to fix it (and panic, hopefully only on the inside, so no one else panics and/or figures it out). How am I supposed to get back to “normal” when I can’t even do “non-active” activities… it’s not like I’m asking to run a marathon… floating in the ocean is not an ironman, in fact, it’s little more than sitting in a chair… what’s next, blood sugar drops due to watching tv? better not sit in an office chair too long, that’ll make my blood sugar drop too, only safe exercise seems to be sleeping and even then #notsomuch Don’t get me wrong, planking can be hilarious in the right context


  1. Having the same issue. Have you tried strength training yet? Lifting weights, squats and lunges, that sort of thing? Any cardio gets my sugar in the 40s and 50s inside of ten minutes. So obnoxious!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I hear you with the cardio… drops me like a rock… super lame. I lifted briefly after being diagnosed (during my “I’m going to ignore this and do whatever I want” phase), but it was crossfit, so there was significant cardio involved throughout… maybe I should try straight lifting… I played lacrosse today, I’m a goalie, so less running, but I was still worried. I got myself up to the 200s and then sipped gatorade whenever I was off the field, seemed to work — I think I’ll be tweaking my methods for awhile though. I also need to find a way to attach my dexcom to myself so I’m not leaving it on the sideline…

  3. Reading diabetes blogs will quickly show you that you are not alone with this issue! I’m a walker – try to walk an under-14 minute mile – and what gets me is the unpredictability. I’ve been doing it long enough that if it always behaved the same way, I could adapt. But I can start off every walk with a bg of 150, set a temp basal of -85% and end the walk at 40, 280, 120, 168 with any combination of glucose tablets along the way. Very frustrating. These are the kind of details that make it very hard for non PWDs to understand why diabetes is so relentless and gets us so down. Just keep trying things and refuse to let diabetes keep you from doing anything you want to do. [just remembered that I used to have good luck with watered down gatorade drunk throughout a workout]

    • thanks for sharing your routine — I am still fighting the mental barrier to get back out there. I’ve just started testing out the temporary basal rate because I was sick of being woken up by lows in the middle of the night… it worked really well, I’ll definitely be playing with it some more.

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