I emphasized the “MY” in the title of this blog entry because I am looking for MY people and not *Diabete’s people. Recently I started a group on facebook called  Type 1 Diabetes, you suck. I thought you were just for kids?! while I have found a few all encompassing Type 1 support groups and blogs that I really like, namely  I hate diabetes (type 1) on facebook, but there are some peculiarities to having been diagnosed as an adult in our 20s and 30s — and I am still looking for people to share our experiences, advice, and support with who are in this more specific situation.

When I was first diagnosed I found support and camaraderie through blogs specifically t1dactiveliving and Steffi — now I am reaching out again looking for more people who share the experience of being diagnosed as an adult and figuring out the basics on their own — as opposed to adults who have grown up with t1d. If you’re reading this and it applies to you, let’s be friends, if it doesn’t apply to you, let’s also still be friends — I guess what I’m really still saying is “help.” This isn’t what this post started out as… I wanted to reach out to help build this community, but turns out, I’m exactly where I seem to always come back to… needing help — which really I guess is the same thing. Maybe I’m just feeling more vulnerable about it today.

Here’s to hoping that today is a good diabetes day… for me and for you too.


*I have distinguished “Diabetes” from “diabetes” in an earlier blog, but as a quick explanation/reminder…”diabetes” is a disease that I have, that I have no control over, that I work with my doctor to control as best as possible. “Diabetes” is a giant douche bag who comes in and messes with my life on a daily basis.