Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes

Hey Diabetes, what’s your blood sugar?


I am sick and tired of the entire Western world knowing how my kidneys are functioning.               — Astronaut Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Movie

I’m not sure why that has quote stuck in my mind, but that’s what I think every time when some random person asks me about my blood sugar. I don’t understand why my blood sugar should be public information. No one else has to share personal medical information randomly throughout their day  — it would be like if I walked up to someone and asked “Hey, what’s your cholesterol?” — they would look at me like I was crazy. Why is blood sugar any different? I’m not talking about loved ones here, that’s more understandable, but random people… that shit is just weird.


  1. I know what you mean. Only rarely have I been approached with the question: “Hey, how are your antidepressants working?”

  2. When someone (not super close) asks me what my BG is, I ask them how much they weigh. If they’re willing to give up that personal information, I guess I can share my BG

  3. Great responses… I’ll cycle them through and let you know how it goes, haha

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