Over memorial day weekend, I went to A-Camp, which is a retreat for queer women put on by Autostraddle, in the San Bernardino Mountains, affectionally called Mt. Feelings, and it was wonderful… it was also at 7,500 ft. Enter Diabetes. (also, Fuck you Diabetes) The first morning, I carefully ate a familiar breakfast, took the regular amount of insulin for the meal, along with my basal insulin and went on my way… 30 minutes later I was at 400. I was so high that my CGM didn’t show a number, just “HIGH.” Needless to say this freaked me out. It didn’t help that the nurse on staff (who was really nice and well intentioned) suggested that I carry around my glucagon every where I went, like a five-year-old (this is how I took it). I declined that suggestion. Basically, I arrived at camp and then Diabetes decided to fuck me over. I will probably write about this again, but for now I just want to share my feelings that I had the day I hit 400… it was a rough day. *some of this journal entry has been redacted to be polite to friends Evernote Snapshot 20140529 130812 Evernote Snapshot 20140529 130852Evernote Snapshot 20140529 131221 2.33.55 PM Evernote Snapshot 20140529 131221 - Version 2 **this entry is post-dated to reflect the day I wrote the entry in my journal