Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes

The Dark Side of the Dexcom

FailMonday is sensor replacement day. It went well, the insertion hurt a bit more than usual, but nothing major — I was starting to feel like I had the hang of this…. #FAIL

I calibrated as soon as it was ready, and then got ready to go to bed… and then the alarm went off… fine, I was a bit low… juice box, lay down, sleep… and then the alarm goes off…juice box, lay down, sleep… and then the alarm goes off… juice box…waaaaiiiittt, this doen’t make sense, stop, no juice box, old school blood test… I’m fine…  lay down, sleep… the alarm goes off… old school blood test…  I’m fine…  lay down, sleep… the alarm goes off… old school blood test…  I’m fine…  lay down, sleep… AND that is how my night went, needless to say, I feel like shit today, both because I got no sleep and because my blood sugar is god knows where. Still all today my Dexcom is off — by anywhere from 50 to 150 mg/dL at different points so far… I thought this was supposed to help. This shit makes no sense.

I would love to say something like… “I’m sure it will get better” or “It will work out” or “As soon as I get settled in with the Dexcom” or  anything positive, but I’m pretty sure that shit is just going to be like this now.

Great. Thanks Diabetes. You Suck.


  1. Hmm so this new insulin pump seems to be quite annoying. Never liked the idea of them but seems like the benefits aren’t really existent in your case. Hopefully something will work out 🙂

    • In this case I’m using a Dexcom, which is just a CGM and not an insulin pump. My doctor has told me that an insulin pump might help me to better control my blood sugar, but I am not ready to consider that option… as you can tell from this post, I am already a bit frustrated with just the CGM 🙂

      • Aah different companies used in the UK. I was offered an insulin pump a few years ago but I found the idea a bit too scary!
        So in terms of insulin, can anything be done to give you more flexibility and control over how much you inject so you can eat more freely?

  2. I am still a bit daunted by the pump as well. I am working with my doctor and the Physician Assistant to adjust my insulin to best support me, but it’s a bit of a guessing game with my pancreas still honeymooning…jumping in occasionally and then quitting again — the joys of type 1 diabetes, haha

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