I’m traveling alone today and I have to admit, I’m a bit apprehensive about it. I should explain that flying is not an out of the ordinary thing for me — for a few years I was on the road four days a week as a consultant (think “Up in the Air” movie), so it is an odd feeling to be at all concerned about traveling.

This is not my first time flying since being diagnosed, or my first time traveling alone with diabetes either — in the 5 months since my diagnosis I’ve travelled for business and leisure, alone and with a companion, long hauls and short hops, I’ve done this. I was on a plane the day after I started insulin injections, the first injection I gave myself was in an airport… I should be fine with this, but I can’t seem to shake this feeling of worry.

Maybe I was just naive before, but my mind keeps running through all the bad things that could happen… I’ve tried to plan for every contingency — I’ve got snacks, fast acting for lows and regular ones for maintaining, I’m wearing a medical ID bracelet, multiple people have my itinerary…but I’m still nervous. And then to compound all of that I know that my worry, and the stress reaction it causes in my body, is also going to affect my blood sugar…
Diabetes —
Seriously, please behave, I would like to get to Atlanta alive and well. Your help would be much appreciated.