Dear Diabetes, you suck.

a front end developer who also happens to have type 1 diabetes

Dear Diabetes, I’m scared.

I just tested because I’m about to have dinner. And I’m at 79… it’s not the number that scares me, but the fact that I had no idea I was that low. I used to start to shake at 90… or at least feel weird enough to warrant testing. And I don’t have any juice in the house (cringing with the “please don’t yell at me” reflex).

So I sit here, now having finished my dinner, 30-ish minutes later, and I’m only up to 81… bring on the peppermints. This is not good. Even under the mountain of denial and “I’m okay” — I know that this is not a good. Another point for the continuous glucose monitor…

And now I’m at 173. Go figure.

I’m hesitating in writing this because I outed myself on facebook yesterday, now people who know me, know that I’m writing here about this… I’m going to try not to think about that and continue to be as blunt and honest as I have been so far. It’s different, admitting incompetency when you know the people listening, instead of just lamenting to the universe…

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  1. I can’t feel many of my lows either. I hope you continue to write here as you have before. Really enjoying your posts 🙂

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