So frustrated today. I went to have blood work done… yet another appointment to try to work into my schedule. I booked the appointment for 8am, figuring I would be able to just get it done and get to the office. First off, I had to eat enough last night in order to be high enough this morning so I didn’t need to eat when I woke up (and not worry about passing out while driving to the lab). Then I forgot the lab orders and had to drive back to my house. Then I realized I’d taken my vitamins… would that mess up the fasting?! Then they wanted a urine sample… and I did not have to pee. I was ready to bag the whole thing and try again next time (never mind the fact that I need to get all this done in time for my next doctor’s appointment,  that is now quickly approaching). The wonderful lab tech was able to “talk me off the ledge” and resolve everything as best as possible. Even with the okay ending, this really did set my morning off kilter… but I’m trying to recover and/or start over now.

A serious question for you Diabetes, how am I going to fit all these extra doctor appointments, blood work, diabetic educator appointments and dietitian sessions into my schedule with a full-time job?!


  • Always fast before blood tests, even if you’re not sure
  • Always drink a bunch of water, just in case
  • Study up on the blood tests that are being ordered so I can understand what they are testing for